Ebay USPS First Tracking International Countries E-DELCON

As an eBay seller, I am often confused by which international countries can be shipped to with tracking for first class packages. Shipping first class is a great option to save money if the countries support the E-DELCON Service.

However, it is not clear thru USPS, Ebay, and other sources which countries actually support it so instead I am compiling my own list for my own reference. The date includes the first date the package was accepted and delivered with tracking from end-to-end. If a package fails for a country I remove it from the list. This list is not a guarantee so please do not treat it as such.

- Brazil (Q4 2014)
- Italy (Q4 2014)
- Canada (Q4 2014)
- Switzerland (Q4 2014)
- Germany (Q4 2014)
- Australia  (Q4 2014)
- Mexico (Q4 2014)
- Spain (Q4 2014)
- Singapore (Q4 2014)