Does USPS Postal Service Deliver Mail On Sundays

There is typically no USPS delivery mail service on Sunday, however on case-by-case basis, package delivery may still take place for certain shipment methods. Keep in mind your United States Post Office may still be accessible on these days for things like PO Boxes, Self-Service Stations, and drop boxes for stamped mail along with first class, priority and express packages.

Ebay USPS First Tracking International Countries E-DELCON

As an eBay seller, I am often confused by which international countries can be shipped to with tracking for first class packages. Shipping first class is a great option to save money if the countries support the E-DELCON Service.

However, it is not clear thru USPS, Ebay, and other sources which countries actually support it so instead I am compiling my own list for my own reference. The date includes the first date the package was accepted and delivered with tracking from end-to-end. If a package fails for a country I remove it from the list. This list is not a guarantee so please do not treat it as such.

- Brazil (Q4 2014)
- Italy (Q4 2014)
- Canada (Q4 2014)
- Switzerland (Q4 2014)
- Germany (Q4 2014)
- Australia  (Q4 2014)
- Mexico (Q4 2014)
- Spain (Q4 2014)
- Singapore (Q4 2014)

Is Target Open Christmas Day and other Holidays

Target is generally open every day of the year except for Christmas day. They may have shortened hours on other holidays so please give your local store a call if you have any doubts or questions.

Is Target Open On?
- New Year's Day (Open)
- Martin Luther King Day MLK (Open)
- President's Day (Open)
- Easter (Open)
- Memorial Day (Open)
- Independence Day (Open)
-  Labor Day (Open)
- Columbus Day (Open)
- Veterans' Day (Open)
- Singles Day (Open)
- Thanksgiving Day (Open)
- Black Friday (Open)
- Cyber Monday (Open)
- Christmas Eve (Open)
- Christmas Day (Closed)